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Welcome to the Cadenazzi World: featuring our classic wooden boats proudly produced on Lake Como.
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luxury Tours

Enjoy the lake and feel like a royal in our premier classic boats: sunbathe, swim and tour on the most famous lake in the world.

Wedding &
Special Occasion

Have the perfect shoot on your special day with a breathtaking background of Lake Como on one of our elite classic boats.

On Board

Feature your product alongside one of our classic boats and let your brand speak for itself. Perfect boats for photo & video shoots.

Private luxury Tours

Wedding & Special Occasion

On Board Shooting

Our Boats

Why us? Easy, we are the only boatyard that offers a luxury service with our own produced wooden boats.

What Else

Available from the 15th of July

“What Else” is the last addition to our family. Venetian Water Limusine, built in 2024 from worldwide leader Cantieri Vizianello known for its perfect match between tradition and innovation. “What Else” can comfortably hold up to 11 people. A perfect combination of elegance, history and innovation. 

Build  2024
Lenght 9,00 mt
Width 2.30 mt
Engine 270kW
Max. passengers 12



7 Boats

“Honey” was constructed in our boatyard in 1993, always remaining on the shore of Lake Como. After 27 years, in 2020 “Honey” has been renovated and brought back to its original beauty. “Honey” is practical and light: perfect for passengers who want to spend a day enjoying Lake Como’s breathtaking views while sunbathing and swimming on the famous coast. The perfect match of comfort and speed: impossible to be disappointed.

Renoveted 2020
Lenght 7,00 mt
Width 2.30 mt
Engine 2 x 240kW (single Engine)
Max. passengers 8


Lo Schioppo II

renovated in 2021

“Lo Schippo II”, constructed by our boatyard in 1967, has lived its “first life” riding the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea at the “Isola d’Elba”. After that, the boat was abandoned at the beginning of the year 2000. Finally, after a long research, the boat has been rediscovered by our boatyard and wholly renovated in 2021. Today, “Lo Schippo II” is ready to ride the waters of Lake Como again and let you live a once-in-a-lifetime experience thanks to its 53 years of history.

Renoveted 2021
Lenght 8.30 mt
Width 2.50 mt
Engine 2 x 240kW (Dual Engine)
Max. passengers 8


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