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Boat Storage

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Boat Storage

360° Service

We offer a 360° service guaranteeing both indoor boat storage, providing assistance in hauling and launch, and a mooring in our marina. Our staff is formed and highly qualified to offer a complete service, also for the most exigent clients. 


  • Cadenazzi boatyard offers to its customers two sheds dedicated to boat storage: one directly in our boatyard by the lake, and one in Lenno, at less than 2 km for the winter storage. The internal transpositions are made by our highly specialized staff and are included in the storage price.
  • We offer different plans for boat storage: annual and various seasonal services. Of course, we are flexible to adapt to the customer’s needs.
  • Our boatyard offers two possible locations for your boat during the season: inside, with the service of hauling and launch, or at our dock.
    • With the inside storage after every usage, the boat will be cleaned and dried to guarantee perfect maintenance.
    • With the location at the dock, the boat will be checked daily by our staff. The boatyard furnishes all the equipment needed for a safe berth.
  • Before the start and the end of the season, the boats undergo the procedures of winterizing and de-winterizing
    • The procedure of winterizing includes:
      • Insertion the oil in the cylinders to keep them lubricated, remove water from the engine blocks, accurate cleaning of the boat, the disembarkment of the batteries, and the boat’s coverage to preserve it from the surrounding environment.
    • The procedure of de-winterizing includes:
      • Before the starting of the season, the boat undergoes an additional check-up to guarantee the boat’s engine’s proper functioning.
      • The boat will be returned to the client at the beginning of the season in its perfect conditions, following a working process optimized over the years.

The boat storage at Cantiere Cadenazzi is not limited to a simple parking spot for boats. We carefully take care and pay attention to every detail of the boat to guarantee a perfect service for you and your boat. 

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